Shorts Setting Up For A Tech Slaughter


Based on the most recent data as of March 15th, Shorts are ramping their bets against a whole host of U.S. tech & communications names:

24/7 Wall Street:

Short interest in Cisco (CSCO) was up 12% to 53.7 million. Shares sold short in Ciena (CIEN) rose 45% to 22.6 million. The short interest in Seagate (STX) was up 15% to 27.8% and shares sold short in Micron (MU) rose 7% to 54.8 million. Shares short in Akamia (AKAM) were up 23% to 22.3 million. The short interest in Clearwire (CLWR) was up 15% to 20.8 million. Share short in Comcast (CMCSA) rose 5% to 57.3 million.

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