31 more awesome photos from Sony's World Photography Awards

Sony and the World Photography Organisation have announced the shortlist for the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards in the Professional, Open, and Youth categories.

The 2015 competition saw more than 173,000 entries this year, making it the most successful year yet in the awards’ eight-year history.

Those in the professional categories are competing for a $US25,000 prize and the title of Photographer of the Year.

The winners of this year’s awards will be revealed in April at the Sony World Photography Awards Gala.

OPEN: A shoal of black-tip reef sharks patrol the coast of the Seychelles, an island off the coast of Africa.

A man performs a 'bomb' dive into the ocean. Photographer Antony Crossfield made the image to show how one can create 'fiction' in digital photography.

These pelicans live at Port Vincent in South Australia. They have become accustomed to waiting for fish offal for food.

Photographer Harfian Herdi caught these three frogs during morning light.

A young Nenets boy plays in -40 degree weather in Siberia. The Nenets are an indigenous group in Northern Russia.

This photo was taken during the Artistic Gymnastics Tournament in Poland. The girls in the tournament were aged 8-12.

These are the cranes at the Harland and Wolff Docks in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In northern Iran, Saeed Barikani captured this old shepherd, who had been surprised by a snow storm in the countryside.

This stunning architectural photo was taken in Berlin.

This untitled photo was taken by photographer Joseph Makeni in Kenya.

This photo was taken during the Bujang Ganong dance, a traditional attraction in Indonesia. The performer is jumping through a circle of fire.

PROFESSIONAL: This photo of the Useless Loop solar salt operation in Australia was taken from a plane at 4,000 feet.

Photographer Jonathan Yeap Chin Tiong took these photos to capture the underwater grace of the synchronised swimming team in Singapore during their training session.

This project, called 'Caesar,' shows children born by cesarean section.

Photographer Kimmo Mesaranta took this photo to try to make a 'still life' using a live animal. This cat was not very cooperative.

These two young girls in West Bengal, India were born into poverty with congenital cataract blindness. The surgery to cure the blindness is simple, but many of those in India with the condition cannot afford it.

These two young girls in West Bengal, India were born into poverty with congenital cataract blindness. The surgery to cure the blindness is simple, but many of those in India with the condition cannot afford it.

Italy's Ludwig Rieder prepares for the training run during the Men's Luge Doubles during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

The Ganges River in India is one of the most polluted rivers in the world because of the toxic waste dumped by factories every day.

Hector Garcia Jr. of San Antonio, Texas is nearly 600 pounds. He struggles to complete daily tasks like bathing. When this photo was taken, Garcia had just begun dieting.

In Sweden, parents are incentivized to take off work to spend time with their kids. Photographer Johan Bavman took this photo and others to show Swedish fathers on paternity leave.

In the Ryogoku district of Tokyo, there are many training quarters for sumo wrestlers. Most never let outsiders in. Photographer Marcin Klocek was able to get special access to the Miyagino training house.

This photo was part of a project called 'Restricted Areas,' which photographer Danila Tkachenko says is about 'the utopian strive of humans for technological progress.'

Ultra-orthodox Jewish men celebrate the Purim holiday in the Mea Shearim neighbourhood of Jerusalem. The festival commemorates the rescue of Jews from genocide in ancient Persia.

A Ukrainian protester plays piano on a barricade in front of the riot police line during the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine.

This is the open shower in the Caribbean Bay water park at Everland, the largest theme park in South Korea.

Photographer Dougie Wallace took this photo to illustrate the difference in life expectancies from Glasgow, Scotland to London.

The Palestinian Circus School was established in 2009 in the village of Birzeit. Here, a Palestinian child practices at the school.

YOUTH: Liverpool's famous River Mersey Festival is an annual event celebrating the history of the city and the river. Many rare tall ships can be seen gathering in the river, as they do every year.

Photographer Stephanie Anjo took this photo of her cousin at her parents' hometown in Portugal.

This photo was taken towards the end of spring in Sydney, Australia, when the people of the city head out to the beach.

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