Shorten Says Under His Leadership There Will Be No Messiahs

Getty/ Stefan Postles

Labor leader candidate Bill Shorten has said the Labor party’s reputation of attacking one another will end if he is successful in gaining leadership.

Despite playing an instrumental role in the ousting of both Kevin Rudd in 2010 and Julia Gillard in 2013, Shorten hopes that the culture of the party will improve.

The AAP has reported that Shorten hopes under his leadership there’ll be less talk about Messiahs, less about the “I” and more about the “us”, the “we” and the “team”.

Shortens announcement coincidently follows news that Julia Gillard’s disposal saved Labor 15 seats and from a loss which would have been worse than the 1975 Whitlam defeat, reports the SMH.

Shorten has ensured it will be a fair game for leadership against rival Anthony Albanese, telling the AAP he will not be disparaging towards Albanese either publicly or privately.

For more on the internal polling result read here.

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