A new survey suggests Amazon — not Walmart or Target — is most likely to steal Toys R Us' former customers

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider
  • Walmart, Target, and Costco shoppers say they prefer to buy toys on Amazon, according to Stifel’s Consumer Survey.
  • They also preferred Amazon for sporting goods, including apparel and shoes, and electronics over the other three stores.
  • That’s bad news for the big box stores, which are looking to lure over Toys R Us’ lost customers and gain additional momentum headed into the holidays.

Amazon is sitting pretty headed into the holidays.

Shoppers say they prefer to buy toys on Amazon, according to a recent consumer survey by Stifel Financial. They also prefer to buy electronics, jewellery, and sports apparel with the online retailer.

That’s four top categories for holiday shopping where customers all prefer to go online to Amazon instead of shopping in store.

The survey was conducted by asking thousands of shoppers what they purchase at Walmart, Target, and Costco and what they prefer to buy online on Amazon.

It’s not a good sign for America’s largest store chains as they head into the holiday season. Toys are an especially important thing to watch this year, as the category will be hotly contested as retailers fight for a piece of the billions Toys R Us did in sales in 2017.

Analysts are already forecasting a good holiday for retailers, with most overall sales growth estimates in the high single or low double digits. But it’s even better news for e-commerce players like Amazon.

Most of this year’s growth will likely come from online sales, as Forrester Research is predicting 14% sales growth online but only 1.7% growth in stores. That’s more good news for Amazon, as analysts estimated that it took nearly half of all online retail sales in 2017, and will take even more this year.

In fact, Forrest says online holiday retail sales will account for over 32% all sales online for the entire year.

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