Shoppers completely trashed a Nike store in Seattle on Black Friday

This year, Black Friday turned orange for one Seattle-area Nike store.

The sportswear giant’s iconic orange shoe boxes littered the floor, after shoppers tore through the Tulalip, Washington store on the second biggest day for retail of the year. Pictures of the store went viral on Saturday.

An employee of the store said about 20,000 shoppers entered the store between 8pm Thursday and 10pm Friday, Buzzfeed reported, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

“People [were] not putting anything back in the right place at all the whole time we were open,” the employee said.

A video from the store shows customers stepping over strewn about boxes and children idly kicking them away. The damage does not seem to be contained to any one area of the store.

Nike is expected to maintain its status as one of the hottest brands this holiday season, and is still very popular among teenagers and young adults. 



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