This retro-inspired iPhone case will let you shoot video like a pro

Kodak’s 1965 Super 8 film camera “unleashed an amateur auteur in every household,” says the Denver-based film collective Lumenati.

The group, which just came out the Lumenati CS1 — the world’s first “cinematic smartcase,” hopes their invention will do the same for anyone with an iPhone 6.

“We believe that instead of fighting accessibility, let’s just improve the widely available camera that most people already own,” Lumenati co-founder Scott McDonald told Business Insider. “The result is more accessible to the masses but certainly makes for better film-making.”

“The CS1 gives everyone the opportunity to make better films and tell better stories,” McDonald said.

The group launched a Kickstarter campaign to make the CS1 a reality, and have already raised $US170,000 — more than double of their original goal of $US75,000 — with two weeks to go. Keep scrolling to see how the device works.

For amateur cinematographers, the retro-style CS1 solves 'both an ergonomics problem and a stylistic desire,' said McDonald. 'The CS1 is the first camera in a long time that can be slung over the shoulder like a fashion accessory.'

A Lumenati owner can simply pop her iPhone 6 into the device and begin filming by pulling the camera's trigger.

The case is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and keep stable. For more involved shooters, there's even a built-in option to attach lights, microphones, or extra handles for sports shooting. Wide angle, fisheye, and telephoto lenses can also be used.

The device is paired with an editing app that allows the user to cut video, add music, change filters, and share instantly.

Share-ability is a key aspect of the camera case. 'We've pushed the idea of a Super 8 trigger to persuade users to take shorter and better planned shots,' McDonald said. 'The shots are then automatically placed in a chronological timeline for incredibly fast editing. No more sorting through hours of unusable footage.'

'It feels pretty awesome,' McDonald said of the project's Kickstarter success. 'We set out on Kickstarter to validate our concept and the support we have received is amazing. We celebrated for a brief second before diving into the details to make sure we deliver a high quality product in a timely manner.'

The first line of Lumenati CS1s are to to be delivered to backers in February 2016, and a version for the iPhone 6S will be released in October.

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