2 injured and 2 arrested in a shooting at the Toronto Raptors' championship parade

via Meagan Fitzpatrick/TwitterPeople fled the Toronto Raptors championship parade after reports of gun shots.
  • There was reportedly a shooting at the Toronto Raptors championship parade on Monday.
  • Police say there were two victims with non-life-threatening injuries.
  • Gun shots and reports of the shooting caused a chaotic scene, as those in attendance fled, all while the Raptors’ championship speeches continued.
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A chaotic scene unfolded on Monday at the Toronto Raptors championship parade, as reports of a shooting and an emergency situation sent those in attendance running.

The Toronto Police Operations Twitter account reported at 2:56 pm ET that were reports of gunshots near Nathan Phillips Square, the final destination of the parade. Police Chief Mark Saunders said four people were injured with gunshot wounds, according to the Associated Press. None of the injuries were life-threatening.

Toronto police later confirmed that three were arrested and two firearms were recovered, Sparkes said the investigation into the shooting was ongoing.

Those in attendance said there were masses of people running in confusion, while officials urged people to stay calm. The speeches from the team were still going on, according to Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Sun.

According to Reuters, nearly two million people attended the event. During a speech from one of the team’s owners, the host of the rally interrupted to inform those in attendance of the emergency. The celebratory speeches were momentarily stopped, but eventually continued shortly after, according to AP.

Marika Washchyshyn of CTV reported that the crowd gathered back in the square later on after the incident.

Videos showed the chaotic scene.

City Councilman Joe Cressy, who was watching the parade from his office, tweeted about the incident.

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