Authorities Release The Name Of The Civilian Killed In Today's Shooting

Earlier this afternoon a gunman killed a police officer and an unnamed civilian in a shootout near Texas A&M University. The shooter has also died.

Below is everything we learned throughout the day:

The civilian who died is *43-year-old Chris Northcliff, according to The Eagle. Police officers Justin Oehlke, Brad Smith, and Phil Dorsett were injured in the shooting. 

*Police initially said Northcliff was 51. They are now saying he was 43, according to The Eagle.

The Huffington Post is reporting the gunman’s mother suspects her son, Thomas A. Caffall, 35, might be the shooter.

“We have not been notified by the authorities yet, but our suspicions are that it is my son,” Linda Weaver told HuffPost. “We are just devastated. He’s been very deeply troubled.”

While HuffPost says it cannot immediately confirm Weaver’s suspicions with authorities, Weaver says, “The minute I saw the TV I knew it was him.”

HuffPost has determined Caffall lived at 211 Fidelity St. in College Station, which has been identified as the gunman’s home.

The Eagle is also reporting Caffall was the shooter.

The family has released a statement through attorney Tyler Moore, which identifies the shooter as Tres Caffall.

“Our family was shocked and devastated by the tragedy this afternoon,” mother Linda Weaver said in the statement, first posted by KBTX. “Our thoughts and prayers go to the families of the deceased and the wounded victims. We mourn them and the loss of Tres. He had been ill. It breaks our hearts his illness led to this.”

KBTX in Texas has posted a picture of Constable Brian Bachmann, the police officer who died in today’s shooting. Here is the photo, courtesy of KBTX:

texas constable brian bachmann

Photo: KBTX

Rigo Cisneros, 40, an Army medic who served in Afghanistan lived across the street from the house where today’s shooting took place.

In a video Cisneros recorded during the incident, police can be heard screaming, “Do not move; do not move.”

An officer also yells, “If you move, you are dead,” according to The New York Times, which was the first to post the video.

Click here to watch the video, courtesy of The New York Times.

Assistant Police Chief Scott McCollum said in a news conference that authorities are working through four crime scenes and have confirmed police were in the process of serving an eviction notice.

The news conference was broadcast on KBTX.

McCollum would not say in his press conference whether the suspect said anything during the incident.

McCollum would not release any additional information about the fataliti

police texas am scene

Photo: ABC 13

es. He did say two additional officers were injured and being treated.”They were not gunshots,” he said, adding the officers were injured while responding to the shooting.

When officers arrived on the scene earlier this afternoon they began taking fire and saw Bachmann down in the front yard, according to Assistant Police Chief Scott McCollum.

Bachmann was transported to a local hospital.

Another officer was shot in the leg and is being treated at a local hospital where he is stable.

A woman was also injured during the shooting and is in surgery at a local hospital, McCollum said.

The school issued a so-called maroon alert at roughly 12:30 p.m., warning students of an “active shooter” in the area. According to Texas A&M’s website, the shooter was in custody by 12:44 p.m.

Reuters’ Matthew Keys tweeted earlier today that six people were shot, two of whom were police officers.

Here is a picture of the maroon alert, tweeted by WHNT:

texas am maroon alert

Photo: WHNT/Twitter

The shooter was firing shots from a house near campus, KHOU reported, and he was using automatic weapons, according to this report from

Here is a picture of the scene, tweeted by KHOU 11 News Houston:

texas am scene

Photo: KHOU 11 News Houston/Twitter

Watch a live video feed of the scene, courtesy of ABC13.

Note: Business Insider initially reported the house Caffall was being evicted from belonged to Texas A&M professor of structural engineering Dr. Harry Jones. But now the CBS affiliate KHOU is reporting that Chris Northcliff, who was shot, was actually Caffall’s landlord.


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