Japanese 2-way sensation Shohei Ohtani hit his first career home run and his teammates gave him the silent treatment

  • Shohei Ohtani, the Japanese Babe Ruth who can both hit and pitch, hit his first career home run, a 3-run home run for the Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday night in his first career at bat in front of the home fans.
  • After rounding the bases, Ohtani’s Angels teammates gave him the silent treatment, ignoring him the dugout, a common big league prank on players who hit their first career home run.
  • Ohtani had already shown a glimpse of his dominant arm as a pitcher, with a 100-mph fastball and devastating sliders and splitters in his first career start, a win.
  • Ohtani had struggled during Spring Training, but is already showing in the regular season why teams were tripping over each other to sign the two-way Japanese star.
  • The video of his first career home run is below.

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