A Zappos competitor is ditching Ivanka Trump’s shoe line

Ivanka trump

Shoes.com, a Canadian online shoe store, is ditching Ivanka Trump’s shoe line following calls for a boycott of the Trump family’s businesses. 

In the days after Donald Trump’s presidential election, anti-Trump Twitter users have been circulating a spreadsheet that lists retailers selling Trump brand products. The so-called Grab Your Wallet movement is encouraging people to boycott the companies in an effort to get them to drop Trump products. 

On Saturday, Shoes.com — one of the brands that was on the list — announced on Twitter that it was removing Ivanka Trump shoes from its inventory.

 Since the announcement, many people have expressed support for the retailer’s decision via social media. 

According to Fast Company, the official reason that Shoes.com ditched Ivanka Trump’s shoes is because they “were not selling well.” 

Shoes.com did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. However, on social media, the retailer thanked people tweeting about the Grab Your Wallet movement for their input prior to the decision to drop Ivanka’s line.

“Kudos to all courageous people for your strong voices,” Shoes.com wrote on Twitter, in response to supporters of the anti-Trump Grab Your Wallet movement. “Thank you for all your feedback during this time.”

Shoes.com, which is valued at $320 million, isn’t as big as competitors like Zappos, which continues to sell Trump products. Shoes.com was the first retailer to drop Trump products after being targeted by the Grab Your Wallet movement.

The anti-Trump movement is currently calling for the boycott of 32 brands that do business with the Trump family, including companies like Amazon, Zappos, and Nordstrom. 

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