Shoes of Prey moves to Los Angeles, the next step in its plan for global domination

Co-founder Jodie Fox at the SoP design studio at Nordstrom Oakbrook Center in the US. Photo: Facebook.

After rolling out interactive design studios across six Nordstrom department stores in the US, Australian startup Shoes of Prey has set up its new headquarters in Los Angeles.

The move is the “design-your-own” shoe company’s next step in plans to expand globally.

Co-Founder Jodie Fox said Santa Monica, Los Angeles was chosen for the new HQ due to its time zone proximity to both Sydney and China, where Shoes of Prey’s new dedicated factory is located, and follows a Series A-2 funding round in November last year, led by US-based Khosla Ventures.

An SoP interactive studio at Nordstrom Pentagon City in the US. Photo: Facebook.

After commuting across the Pacific for the past year, Fox said the move was also needed in order to focus on the company’s next stage of accelerated growth.

“We’re excited and very proud to bring an Australian-born concept to the US and beyond,” she said. “Sydney will always be home, so heading to the USA is emotional. But it’s the next step towards our end goal, which is to create a global shift in the way people shop and define their own style.”

Twenty staff have already relocated to new headquarters, while the three founders will continue to return to Australia to manage the local retail presence, which makes up 35% of the company’s market.

Fox said that she hopes other Australian retail brands and startups will also aim to take on the global market.

“Australia has world-class ideas and talent that deserve an international stage,” she said.

“Plenty of global retailers come to our shores, but globalisation goes both ways. It’s been an incredible ride for Shoes of Prey so far, and we’re looking forward to the next leg of the journey,” she finished.

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