Shoe Company Apologizes For Ad Insinuating Dog Owners Could Run Their Companions To Death

Athletic apparel company Pearl Izumi has pulled an ad that insinuated a new shoe design would enable dog owners to run their companions to death.

The print ad says in part:

“This undeniable smoothness translates into less work for your legs, so you get into your zone faster and feel like you could stay there forever. Sure not everyone will appreciate your increased efficiency, but, ironically, not everyone was born to.”

By “everyone,” the company meant man’s best friend — above the text is a runner performing CPR on his golden retriever.

Pearl Izumi dead dog adAds of the WorldA runner performing CPR on his dog in a Pearl Izumi ad

Pearl Izumi has since apologized for the ad, but in case you don’t know how to perform CPR on a dog, the company’s Project eMotion campaign still has a video on its website.

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