Doomsday For Law School Graduates: More Bad News

vintage unemployment

Photo: AP Images

The latest numbers for law grad unemployment are looking grim.The American Bar Association released a survey of 195 law schools and their 2011 graduates, highlighting the horrid 26.4 per cent underemployment rate, the nonprofit Law School Transparency reported Friday.

The “underemployed” consisted of grads who don’t have law jobs or are employed in short- or part-time jobs.

The ABA also reported that just 55.2 per cent of the graduates are employed long-term in legal professions.

And things are only getting worse for law grads, St. Louis School of Law professor Brian Tamanaha reports in a brand-new book.

In Failing Law Schools, he claims law school prices are only getting steeper and career options slimmer

Tamanaha attributes the steep costs to inflated tuition rates amid a glut students and overpaid professors, the National Law Journal reports.

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