You're Building WHAT? Shocking Your Way To Startup Success

Lulu, Rap Genius, and Bang With Friends are shocking, controversial — and their founders are all speaking at Business Insider’s
Startup Conferencein October.

Together the three companies have raised more than $US24 million.

Lulu is an app that lets women rate the men they know and give them scores. It has raised $US6.35 million and boasts 1 million users so far.

Rap Genius is a web site where people explain rap lyrics. A year ago they claimed they would have the world’s largest web site. They have raised $US16.8 million and according to Quantcast, has 13 million unique users per month.

Bang With Friends is an anonymous way for you to hook up with your Facebook friends, which some 200,000 people have already done. It has raised $US1 million in funding and hosting 1.1 million active users.

These companies are pushing boundaries and redefining acceptable business models. Come hear what they have to say about shocking the public at Startup 2013.

At Startup 2013
we have partnered with General to run “Startup University.” You’ll soak up business lessons from industry leaders in a series of classes you select yourself. In the afternoon, you’ll hear from top entrepreneurs from NYC and the Valley, VCs, and other experts — including the controversial CEOs.

For a full list of classes and afternoon programming, see the Startup agenda.

And after a full day, enjoy a networking reception with stunning views of the Hudson.

Grab your early-bird tickets (at entrepreneur-friendly rates) before they expire.

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