CBS Didn’t Mention Ron Paul Once During An ENTIRE Political Segment

I’m not a media purist, but this Ron Paul blackout is truly disgusting — and unlike some other alleged on-air “oversights,” this one is well-documented. I even called CBS to get an official explanation (see my video below).

Look, if the media wants to make money by covering Lady Gaga/Shakira/Katy Perry/Kim Kardashian etc. 24/7, and that’s what the marketplace wants, then fine. But this was a nationally televised CBS segment, under the banner of “political news,” not entertainment.

Keep in mind, this is the same network that was once home to legendary journalist Edward R. Murrow.

Via Liberty Pulse: “Thursday morning January 5th, 2012 on the Early Show, CBS news political correspondent Jan Crawford discusses the New Hampshire primary in video below which is titled ‘New Hampshire is the new Iowa’. During this segment they discuss every candidate in the Republican primary including Bachmann who dropped out, excluding Ron Paul from the entire segment. By not even mentioning Ron Paul’s name, once again, CBS brings into major question their ethics as a news agency. This segment becomes a bit comical/infuriating for Paul supporters as the report states that Romney has a 30 point lead over his rivals displaying Suffolk University Poll numbers for New Hampshire Romney 43% (skips mentioning Ron Paul who has 24% according to Washington Times) then they move to Gingrich, Huntsman and Santorum.”

Screenshot from the segment — look who’s missing:


Video of the segment (partial):

And my call to CBS:

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