Olympic Athlete Trains On A Busy Mountain Road Because There Are No Luge Tracks In India

Shiva Keshavan is a three-time Olympic luge competitor from northern India.

In 2010, he was one of just three athletes that the world’s seventh-largest country sent to the Winter Games in Vancouver.

Many winter sports athletes from tropical regions have to use some creativity to train at a high level.

For instance, there are a grand total of zero luge tracks in India, so Keshavan trains on the street, next to cars.

“Even though we don’t have much infrastructure, we use what we have.” he told Olympics.com. “We don’t have a luge track in India so to practice what we do is we modify the sleds. We put roller wheels on them instead of the blades and we go down any place that we can, which is the mountain highway.”

For the unfamiliar, luge is a sport where slides glide down a narrow track with no obstacles on it.

Very different from this, although it probably teaches you skills you wouldn’t acquire under traditional methods.

Here’s the full video (via TIME):

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