The ShipYourEnemiesGlitter Website Just Sold For $85,000

Stupid but profitable ideas.

The site that irks your enemies by sending them envelopes full of glitter for $9.99 just sold for $US85,000.

Not bad for two weeks’ work.

With an hour to go, auction site Flippa had a technical glitch which briefly halted bidding for the site.

Glitter site founder Mathew Carpenter. Image: Supplied.

Australian founder Mat Carpenter claimed there were 10,000 people waiting to have glitter shipped to their enemies, so the price tag isn’t a bad deal.

If those sales do come through, that’s $99,900 in revenue and although there is a bit of hard work ahead for the new owner, filling 10,000 envelopes full of the sparkly stuff, it’s not bad for day one.

In just over a week the 22-year-old guy created a monster. The site received more than 2,200 sales which he’s still trying to fill.

That’s more than $21,000 in sales for a website which isn’t even a month old. But he got fed up with the idea and listed the site for sale almost a week ago.

There were 345 bids made for the site. With 15 minutes left before close, Carpenter added a “buy it now” option for $110,000. At 10 minutes to go, Carpenter lowered it to $100,000. Five minutes before the auction closed, he lowered the immediate purchase option to $90,000.

More to come.

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