Shipping Yahoo News Production To Taiwan Is "Appalling"


Update: To be clear, editorial will remain stateside.

Earlier: Earlier this morning, we relayed the news that Yahoo (YHOO) is shipping its Yahoo News production team — product management, engineering and user-interface design team — overseas to Taiwan.

The Yahoo exec who made the decision, SVP Jeff Kinder, insists the move is not a cost-cutting measure.

A source close to Yahoo’s media group calls shenanigans, and says the whole thing is “appalling.”

Its appalling.  Just another signal that Yahoo management has no clue what they are doing.  For Kinder to say the move is not aimed at cutting costs is totally disingenuous.  Why else would you decouple product development and UI design from the editors and ship those functions off to Taiwan?   Can you imagine CNN or MSNBC or the LA Times any other reputable media company doing something like this?

Everyone (left) at Yahoo media is miserable.  They are running the organisation into the ground while stating that they are committed to media now that they’ve outsourced search to Bing. 

Actions speak louder than words.

One increasingly reputable media company that does outsource some of its engineering needs overseas is Gawker Media. Nick Denton’s blogging concern employs seven developers in Budapest to provide tech support for advertising programs and write some software.

But Nick tells us there’s no way he’d outsource user-interface development.

“I can’t imagine that. [It] really needs people in a room together looking at the same screen.”

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