'Game of Throne' actor says Tormund and Brienne should have their own show

Brienne and tormundHBOWe ship it.

Tormund and Brienne could be “Game of Thrones” best couple.

When the two characters were brought together for the first time in season six’s episode four, Tormund made some eyes at Brienne of Tarth, and while Brienne might have been thrown off, the internet loved it. Fans are “shipping” this potential couple.

And the actors themselves love it, too.

Kristofer Hijvu (Tormund) told Vulture that he was surprised by the subtle crush written into the script.

“That was unexpected for everybody!” he said. “Nobody saw that coming, even us! And there wasn’t a single fan theory beforehand that would have made it seem possible.”

He added that he recently joined Instagram and has seen many of the memes that people have created.

“The funny thing with those characters, it works both ways, if you want to reverse the genders,” he said. “He can hold her, or she can hold him, because if you get those two characters together, you don’t know who would be the more masculine of the two of them. In some ways, I feel like the feminine part of that relationship.”

Hijvu said he enjoys being able to show a softer side to the determined wildling.

“What I love is that we’re finally seeing a new side of Tormund,” he said “For so many reasons, he’s been kind of a bad guy in the series, and now you see the romantic, the lover. … What we should do is make an internet series about Brienne and Tormund and their life together. We need our own show.”


TormundHBOSomeone’s got a crush.

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