FedEx Express won't carry your recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7

FedEx and the UK Royal Mail are refusing to handle shipments of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on certain of their services following reports that the device may explode.

The move is likely to complicate Samsung’s efforts to mitigate further problems from its defective smartphones as it is urges customers to return the devices.

In a statement to Business Insider, a FedEx spokesperson said its Express service will no long accept Note 7s. However, FedEx’s Ground service will still ship Note 7s within the lower 48 states, but only if they come from retail stores, not private individuals.

Business Insider has reached out to the United States Postal Service and UPS to find out their policies on shipping the Note 7.

Samsung has halted production and stopped selling the Note 7 smartphone following several reports of the device catching fire. The company is telling users to return the device, and has even sent out fire-proof shipping boxes to some users.

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