Shippers Launch New Export Route TO Asia From The U.S. In Response To Huge Demand

container ship

Shipping companies are creating a new Oregon route from the U.S. to Japan, in response to demand for U.S. exports.

We should probably get used to these trade trends:

Seatrade Asia:

Starting on July 11, the monthly service will provide space for more than 200 containers per month under a six month contract. Once successfully established, Port officials say the service could quickly increase in both volumes and frequency of vessel calls.
 “While this will start relatively small, the relevance to shippers in our region is great,” said Greg Borossay, Senior Manager Carrier Development for the Port of Portland. “This is a key mission-driven service for the Port and the Columbia River basin, and there is solid potential for growth.

Westwood’s Portland service will carry non-refrigerated containerized agricultural products including hay, as well as paper products and other commodities from valley, upriver and inland customers. Ports of call in Japan will include Shimizu, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya, as well as Busan, South Korea. Westwood provides service to more ports in Japan on a direct call basis than any other carrier.

The U.S. has enormous potential to feed a Asia with its agricultural products. It’s not just about Japan, China isn’t the most fertile of nations. China already needs U.S. agricultural imports, and it will need a lot more in the future. More of this will come.

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