A US Navy Ship Providing Olympics Security Ran Aground In Turkey

A U.S. Navy frigate supporting the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi ran aground last week in Turkey while attempting to refuel, ABC News reports.

“The extent of the damage is still being assessed,” Capt. Brenda Malone, spokesperson for U.S. Naval Forces Europe told ABC News. “An initial survey discovered that there was some damage to the propeller blades, but there appears to be no damage to the hull.”

On Feb. 12, the USS Taylor struck ground and sustained damage to its propellers and spilled roughly 176 gallons of fuel, according to the US Naval Institute. The ship remains moored in the Turkish port of Samsun, 240 miles southwest of Sochi, while the damage assessment continues.

The USS Mount Whitney still remains in position approximately 20 miles off the coast of Sochi in the Black Sea.

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