Brazil handed off Olympics hosting duty to Japan in an amazing way

Brazil’s tenure as host of the Olympic Games has ended. Next up, Japan in 2020!

To mark the changing of the guard, per tradition, Brazil gave Japan a section of its closing ceremony to highlight the next major Olympics. So, how’d Japan use its time? Amazingly.

In a video presentation and on-stage, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe donned the blue overalls and red cap of Super Mario — Japan’s most recognisable character, and everyone’s favourite video game hero.

The video combined the worlds of “Super Mario” with “Super Mario Kart” to help Abe arrive at Brazil’s Maracanã Stadium in time for the rain-soaked image seen above.

Twitter user ‘Rxbun’ perfectly captured the essence of the presentation in this fantastic GIF:

Abe’s stage entrance was especially delightful, with the Super Mario costume dropping around him to reveal his statesman-like suit. The goofy red cap, however, stayed with him.

Shinzo AbeDavid Ramos / Getty ImagesYes, that is a massive green pipe that he came out of (a la ‘Super Mario Bros.’).

He ditched it finally and handed off the ball to pose for photos with other members of Team Japan. Probably a good idea.

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