Shifting Gears: An embarrassing flub at Lyft, a leaked Tesla email, and Marc Anthony’s yacht catches fire


Happy Friday and welcome to the pre-holiday edition of Shifting Gears.

There’s truly something for everyone in this week’s rundown of all the transportation goings on: from luxury yacht disasters, to angry flight attendants, a leaked email from Tesla, startup drama, and more.

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Let’s dive in:

Delta flight attendants say their uniforms are making them lose their hair, break out in hives, and cough uncontrollably


For 18 months, Delta flight attendants say they have battled skin lesions, fatigue, migraines, and hair loss. They think it’s because of the chemicals in their new uniforms.

In some cases, medical-leave requests and requests to wear different uniforms were rejected, with some attendants saying their jobs were threatened.

Read David Slotnick’s full investigation into the uniform mystery here.

Death, taxes and leaked emails from Tesla


If there’s one thing you can count on from the Tesla beat, it’s leaked emails from within the company.

This time, Bert Bruggeman, Tesla’s vice president of manufacturing at its Fremont, California, vehicle-assembly plant, is enlisting employees from all departments of the electric-vehicle startup to get cars into the hands of waiting customers before the end of the year.

Read the full email here.

Candice Poon, Cara Dick, Mike Finger got a stern message from Lyft


Some Lyft users received a message from the company Thursday saying their names violated the ride-hailing service’s community guidelines.

In the notification, Lyft didn’t provide a reason for flagging an account beyond saying the name “doesn’t align with its Community Guidelines.”

Lyft said in a statement to Business Insider that the prompt was sent in error.

RIP Marc Anthony’s yacht


The Latin mega-star’s $US7 million, 120-foot yacht capsized after a fire in Miami on Wednesday, but nobody was hurt.

Brittany Chang has the full details here.

FedEx got a Christmas gift from Amazon. It was a lump of coal.


The week before Christmas 2019 has been perhaps the worst in FedEx‘s turf war with Amazon, which has turned from customer to competitor in just a few years.

Rachel Premack took a deep dive into the freight hauler’s struggles, which sent its market value plunging as much as 14% this week.

Is Lime running out of juice?


Lime lost another communications executive this month, the latest in a year marked by C-suite and management turnover. Full details can be found here.

Everything else:

An Amtrak assistant conductor stands at the coach door of a train stopped to pick up and discharge passengers at the railroad station in Lamy, New Mexico, near Santa Fe. Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, which transports passengers between Chicago and Los Angeles, makes daily stops at the small Lamy station. Robert Alexander/Getty Images