Crypto exchange Kraken promises to list shiba inu on Tuesday, and asks the SHIBarmy to vote on it

Shiba Inu
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  • Kraken said it would list shiba inu on its platform on Tuesday if the idea got 2,000 Twitter “likes”.
  • The SHIBarmy of fans quickly hit the target, but the coin has not yet appeared on the crypto exchange.
  • The dogecoin-inspired token’s price has shot up recently, thanks in part to Elon Musk’s tweets.
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Crypto exchange Kraken plans to list shiba inu on its trading platform on Tuesday, it signaled by asking fans of the meme coin to vote on Twitter.

The company called on the token’s fans to back the idea in a poll posted to Twitter Monday. Kraken product lead Brian Hoffman would add shiba inu to its cryptocurrency roster if it got 2,000 “likes,” it said.

@brianchoffman said if we get 2,000 likes we will list $SHIB tomorrow – but he doesn’t think we can do it. #SHIBArmy where you at?” the company said in the tweet.

The SHIBarmy – the die-hard fans who have driven the token’s record-setting rise – showed up in full force with more than 58,700 likes and 14,500 retweets as of Tuesday morning. They hit the target in less than 20 minutes.

However, shiba inu did not appear to have been added to Kraken’s platform yet. The online crypto exchange, one of the biggest in the world, already lists 93 assets from market leader bitcoin to popular altcoins cardano and solano.

The dogecoin-inspired token’s fans on Twitter urged people to “make some noise” for Kraken, welcomed newcomers to the army and said they expect shiba inu to rally more.

Investors have been riding high on shiba inu’s epic recent rise. The dogecoin-inspired token’s price has risen more than 900% in the past month, lifted by the enthusiasm of fans and in part by tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who owns a shiba inu puppy.

On Tuesday, though, its price was down 2.4% from 24 hours ago, to stand at $US0.00006973.

Not everyone in the crypto space thinks shiba inu is a great investment.

“Memes are more like lottery tickets than an investment,” James Butterfill, investment strategist at crypto product platform CoinShares, told Insider.

He said shiba inu completely lacks any fundamentals or potential end-use, and therefore should not be taken seriously.

“We believe it is very difficult to grasp when the meme will capture the imagination of investors, and should therefore be looked at with extreme caution,” he added.