Shia LaBeouf disses Steven Spielberg: ‘I don’t like the movies I made with him’

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Shia LaBeouf sat down for a rare profile with Variety and the actor revealed that his time working on the Steven Spielberg-produced movies that turned him into a star were not that fulfilling for him.

“I grew up with this idea, if you got to Spielberg, that’s where it is,” LaBeouf said. “You get there, and you realise you’re not meeting the Spielberg you dream of.”

The actor was the new face of the Spielberg brand in the early 200s with “Disturbia,” two “Transformers” movies, and “Eagle Eye” (all produced by Spielberg).

“Spielberg’s sets are very different,” he told Variety. “Everything has been so meticulously planned. You got to get this line out in 37 seconds. You do that for five years, you start to feel like not knowing what you’re doing for a living.” 

He added that Spielberg these days to his mind is “less a director than he is a f–king company.”

LaBeouf also starred in the Spielberg-directed “Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” which has since been regarded as a failure by fans of the franchise, and LaBeouf, too.

“I prepped for a year and a half,” LaBeouf said of “Crystal Skull.” “And then the movie comes out, and it’s your fault. That s–t hurt bad.”

This isn’t the first time LaBeouf has expressed his displeasure for the movies he made with Spielberg. When he did his #AllMyMovies art project, in which he watched all of his movies in reverse chronological order, he stood up from his chair and slept in the back of the theatre when “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” played.

@BrettRedacted I’m 6 and a half hours in #allmymovies
— Dain McConnell (@invzimAUS) November 11, 2015

“I don’t like the movies that I made with Spielberg,” he said. “The only movie that I liked that we made together was ‘Transformers’ one.”

Yet LaBeouf did say he’d be willing to reunite with “Transformers” director Michael Bay on another movie. 

“Mike is an artist,” LaBeouf said. “People don’t realise how dope that dude is. He’s got to get a little ballsier with his moves — he’s trying to toe the line and be James Cameron, but James Camerons are dying. I don’t know what he’s chasing, but that version of director is dead. If Mike is to sustain, he’s got to get f—ing weird.”

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