Meet The $2 Billion NYSE Company, Whose CEO Has A Vendetta Against America


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There’s a new Chinese video game called Glorious Mission that pits the Chinese army against America.In the game, you get to kill American soldiers.

It turns out the game is made by a $2 billion NYSE-listed company: Giant Interactive. And there seems to be a pattern.

Giant Interactive’s Shi Yuzhu spoke out last week against foreign investment in Chinese companies.

Yuzhu defended Alibaba’s Jack Ma after Yahoo was told to get rid of a large portion of its shares in Alibaba.

Via DigiCha, Here’s what Shi made a post to his personal website:

“Congratulations on Alipay’s return to China. With an annual cash flow of 2000 billion yuan, if Alibaba’s major equity were still in the hands of Americans and Japanese, China’s national security would be affected. Now it’s the ideal time that we oblige Yahoo and Japan’s Softbank to sell part of their equity to the Chinese government and companies. If they don’t, we must act like heavy and ignore Yahoo and Softbank when there are new businesses. I recommend Jack Ma to be a patriotic hooligan.”

Shi has a past with American technology companies. In 1993, Giant had just garnered government attention and praise for its success, when Western countries relaxed a ban on software exports to China.

Shi had been relying heavily on software sales and his company was hit hard. Only by pouring his remaining cash into a pill he called Brain Gold, did he manage to save his fortune.

By 2000 he had lost his money, but made a turnaround that resulted in Giant Interactive. According to a profile in China Daily, Yuzhu intends to make Giant a lifelong mission and legacy.

Yuzhua is now China’s 24th richest man with assets of $2.4 billion.

Now check out a video of GLORIOUS MISSION >