Sheryl Sandberg Will Inspire And Offend On ’60 Minutes’ Tonight

sheryl sandberg

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In honour of her new book, Sheryl Sandberg will appear on “60 Minutes” tonight to discuss her views on women in the workplace.Be prepared to be inspired and/or offended. Her viewpoint is controversial. Sandberg contends that one reason there are so few successful women in top leadership roles is because women hold themselves back.

Women “lean back” instead of leaning forward into opportunity, she says. Hence the title of her book “Lean In.”

Sandberg’s interview, like the book, is sure to cause a firestorm of reaction. Stay tuned: we’ll post our take-away on her interview tonight after “60 Minutes” airs. (Feel free to tweet your thoughts on the topic to @Julie188, too.)

In the meantime, here’s a clip from her interview with brand-new “60 Minutes” journalist, Norah O’Donnell.