Sheryl Sandberg is trying to get a new term to catch on: 'Wogrammers'

Facebook COO and “Lean In” author Sheryl Sandberg has a new term she wants to catch on in Silicon Valley: “Wogrammer.”

“You can’t be what you can’t see,” Sandberg said, appropriately, in a Facebook post on Monday endorsing Wogrammer, a movement intended to support women working in STEM fields. 

Founded by Facebook engineers Erin Summers and Zainab Ghadiyali one year ago, Wogrammer wants to break Silicon Valley’s “brogrammer” stereotype — a mentality made prevalent by the homogeneous group of white men who work in tech in Silicon Valley —  by focusing on, featuring, and celebrating women’s technical accomplishments.

The organisation has “featured more than 50 engineers from around the world — like Regina Luki, who built an educational arcade machine made of e-waste and recycled materials, and Mary Lou Jepsen, who built the world’s first $US100 laptop for One Laptop Per Child and now drives display technology at Oculus,” Sandberg said in her Facebook post.

Here’s Sandberg’s full post about Wogrammer:

PostbySheryl Sandberg.


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