Sheryl Sandberg Has Written A Book Filled With Career Advice For Women

Sheryl Sandberg Ignition 2

Sheryl Sandberg thinks the world would be a better place if “half our institutions were run by women, and half our homes were run by men,” she told Kara Swisher at AllThingsD.

She’s trying to do something about it. She’s written a book due out in 2013 called Lean In, published by Knopf. It will be filled with anecdotes from high-profile women execs in Silicon Valley and lots of advice.

The lack of progress of women to penetrate the top echelons of the corporate world has been something Sandberg talks about frequently. She famously brought attention to the problem in a speech in 2010. At that time, she noted that only one-fifth of the top jobs in corporate America were held by women.

Her own company, Facebook, faced a lot of pressure about it too. Before Facebook’s IPO, UltraViolet, a political group that fights sexism, was ticked off that Facebook didn’t have a woman on its board of directors. Facebook eventually added Sandberg to the board, but she’s still the only woman on the board.

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