One of Hillary Clinton's most speculated-about VP picks gave a classic 'not Shermanesque' answer to the possibility

Sherrod brownCNNSherrod Brown.

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown gave a decided non-answer when asked about the possibility of serving as Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s vice president.

In a Sunday CNN interview, Brown demurred when host Jake Tapper asked Brown if he would decline an offer to be Clinton’s vice president.

“I’m married to a journalist. And as I said, we know you have to ask that question, I’m not going to answer it any differently,” Brown said. “I love the job I’m doing.”

He added: “I love this job. I’m just not going to give you a different answer. You can keep trying.”

Tapper noted that unlike in other recent interviews, Brown didn’t directly deny whether he would serve if Clinton asked.

“I would just say it’s not Shermanesque,” Tapper said of Brown’s answer, meaning a clear and direct statement from a candidate to not seek a particular office.

“I understand that,” Brown replied, chuckling.

As Clinton has moved closer to securing the Democratic nomination, Brown’s name has emerged on the shortlist of potential Democrats who could provide some contrast on the ticket.

Brown has strong ties to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. He also hails from Ohio, a Rust-Belt swing state that’s critical to secure the electoral-college votes needed to clinch the White House.

But though it’s normal for potential vice presidential picks to dismiss chatter about running, Brown hasn’t hesitated to shoot down rumours about his interest in the job.

During multiple interviews last month, Brown denied any desire to serve as vice president.

“I’ve made it clear I don’t really want this job,” Brown told CNN in April. “I don’t want to be president.”

Watch Sunday’s exchange below, via CNN:

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