SHEP SMITH: Welcome To America’s THIRD War

fox news shep smith

Shep Smith gave one of (what is quickly becoming his trademark) fiery asides today. 

This one was inspired by Adam Mullen’s revelation on Meet the Press this Sunday that even if the Coalition is successful in its goal there is a possibility Qaddafi could stay in power in Libya.  That was too much for Shep:

It fully flies in the face of any and all reason to suggest that the United States, Great Britain, France and others have entered into a civil war and have taken the sides of the insurgents…and that now they would allow a situation where they began that, then patrolled a no-fly zone, and then allow that leader to continue and win this war, and stand to the side and let that happen given the terrorism background of this man….we’re going to take a side and then stand aside?  That just makes absolutely no sense!

And in summary:

There is so much news breaking right now.  First of all, welcome to America’s third war.  A civil war in Libya.  Into which the United States and its allies have just entered.   What is the end game?  We have no answer.

Video below: