SHEP SMITH: BREAKING, We’re Still In A Not-War With Libya

shep smith

Oh Shep Smith, you really are wonderful.

The anchor — who refuses to believe the White House about Osama bin Laden — is also sceptical about the United States’ involvement in Libya.

As he puts it, no matter what President Barack Obama says, we are at war with the Africa nation.

He delivered breaking news that the wife and daughter of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi have crossed over into Tunisia, arguing the news had huge implications for the battle.

“If true, this could be an enormous turning point in the not-war in Libya in which of course the United States has [pause for dramatic effect] not taken sides,” he said.

If Shep had his way, Barack Obama and the White House would just admit America is involved in a third war.

Video below.

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