SHELL: The Oil Slick In The Gulf Is Not Ours

royal dutch shell oil barrel

Photo: O.F.E. | Flickr

Oil sheen spotted in the Gulf of Mexico near Shell operations does not appear to be from any of the company’s drilling activity, Shell said in a statement this afternoon.The energy firm said that all operations in the area were running normally and there were no signs of a leak. 

“Shell is continuing to cooperate with federal regulators in their efforts to determine the cause and nature of the sheen, which is estimated to be 6 barrels.”

Late last night a 10-mile slick of oil was spotted at the top of the Gulf. The Coast Guard said it would check the reports and had sent a helicopter to investigate.

Shell also commissioned an oil response vehicle, the Louisiana Responder, as well as two remote operating vehicles to inspect the company’s infrastructure. 

Shell has three tension leg platforms in the eastern Gulf, including the Mars, Ram-Powell, and Ursa facilities. These deep water rigs sit in 2,900, 3,200, and 4,000 feet of water, respectively. 

Shares in the company originally fell more than four per cent, but have since recovered. Royal Dutch Shell stock trading on the New York Stock Exchange is now 0.5 per cent higher.

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