Shell let me test its eco-prototype car -- but to drive it I had to lie flat on my back inches above the road

Shell allowed me to drive their eco-prototype car, but in order to do so, I had to lie flat on my back inches from the road.

The vehicle has three wheels and it is driven by a 160 cc motor that drives the back wheel. It is controlled with a handlebar system that has an accelerator, where the back brake would normally be on a bicycle.

“The point of the prototype vehicle is to make it absolutely maximum efficient,” said Norman Koch, Technical Director of the Shell Eco-marathon.

“Whether it is the aerodynamics, lying flat on the road, whether it is slick tyres, highly efficient drive trains, really lightweight motors, very efficient steering everything is possible for energy efficiency.”

The car will be raced at Shell’s Eco-marathon event where it will compete against vehicles that can do over 1000 miles per gallon.

Produced by Leon Siciliano. Filmed by David Ibekwe

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