'She doesn't have the range' is the new way to throw shade -- here's what it means

It started, like most memes, with a random clip of video from a few years ago. In a scene from the comedy show “Little Britain” where a reporter interviews people parodying Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones, the singers talk about the celebrities they know.

They get into a discussion of the James Bond theme songs they have made (Bassey wrote three of them). “What do you think of the more recent efforts?,” the reporter asks. “‘Goldeneye?'” Shirley asks. “I love Tina [Turner], but she doesn’t have the range. I’m sorry, Tina. I love you. You know I adore you. But you don’t have the range!

The interviewer asks about more Bond theme songs. He likes Garbage’s “The World is Not Enough.” Does Bassey? “She doesn’t have the range!” Sheryl Crow? “She doesn’t have the range.” Gladys Knight? “She doesn’t have the range.” Paul McCartney? “She doesn’t have the range.”

Shirley Bassey herself? “She doesn’t have the range. I’m sorry, Shirley. I love her to bits. But she doesn’t have the range.”

“But that’s you,” the interviewer responds.

“I don’t care. I don’t have the range.”

On June 20, someone tweeted part of the clip, as spotted by Select All:

And thus, a meme was born. “She doesn’t have the range” is a way to dismiss people who don’t live up to your standards. In a music context specifically, it’s a backhanded compliment. “Katy Perry is a good singer, but she doesn’t have the range.”

The meme really took off when @KingBeyonceStan (it means he likes Beyonce) employed the line against a string of singers.
















And now it’s everywhere.





 Here’s the full 9-minute original clip:


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