Shawn Michaels Talks John Morrison, WWE Titles, & More

Shawn Michaels continues to make the media rounds promoting his upcoming outdoor show. One recent interview was particularly interesting due to the selection of topics which included Scott Hall, John Morrison, and returning to the WWE.

Maybe it is the Shawn Michaels fan in me but I can’t get enough of these interviews. What I really like most about these interviews is that Michaels appears to be answering questions as candidly as possible. Some people may not agree with some of what he has had to say lately but you have to respect him for saying it.

The boys over at Wrestling News Live had their shot at the Heartbreak Kid and they certainly made the most of it. I won’t copy and paste their entire interview but here are a few snippets that I found newsworthy and worth mentioning.

While I completely disagree, there are a lot of WWE fans who compare John Morrison to Shawn Michaels. Other than their athleticism, I don’t get it one bit but it is out there. The interviewers asked HBK about comparisons and while he had nice things to say, also said something pretty interesting.

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