Former gold-medalist gymnast says a subtle move in a routine by Simone Biles proved why she's so 'untouchable'

19-year-old US gymnast Simone Biles is expected to be one of the breakout stars in Rio in her first Olympics this year.

On Thursday, former gold-medal gymnast Shawn Johnson went on “Sports Center” to talk about Biles and her chances in Rio.

During the interview, Johnson pointed to a subtle, funny move Biles pulled during her routine in June’s P&G Championships as proof that Biles is incredibly gifted. During one of her turns, Biles winked at the sidelines — it was later revealed that she was winking at Johnson.

“I was taken back by that wink, because I remember in my floor routines, I didn’t even know — I probably couldn’t have told you my name in the middle of it, let alone thought to look at someone and wink,” Johnson said. “So, I thought it was the greatest thing ever.”

When asked about the expectations on Biles and why people think she will be so great, Johnson called her “untouchable.”

“Because she is [the greatest gymnast]. I feel like you can ask any gymnast out there, past, present, or future, and she just, she truly has a God-given talent. She could be competing with the men, her difficulty is so high, and she has the grace and artistry that competes¬†with the women.

“She’s, on a good day, untouchable. And on a bad day, really.”

Here’s the wink Johnson was referring to:

If Biles can perform those moves and still have the awareness to wink at somebody on the sidelines, imagine how she’ll perform when she’s locked in at Rio.¬†

Watch Johnson’s interview below:

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