How To Shave Your Beard In Four Easy Steps

Whether you committed to No-Shave November — and kudos to you, if that’s the case — or boarded the beard bandwagon in the name of style and self-expression, we have to admit something. We’re a bit beard-fatigued. Because now, more than ever, doesn’t it seem like they’re everywhere? Is it possible we’ve hit the beard tipping point?

This is why we can’t think of a better time to take matters into your own hands and make the bold leap from burly to bare. Here, head barber and shave expert Yulia Kim of the swanky Julien Farel Salon at Langham Place Fifth Avenue and the Loews Regency shares how to properly take take down your beard to reveal and rediscover that handsome mug you’ve had all along.


Because shaving is the final step, “there’s no need to be too careful or precise at this point,” Kim says. With any pair of hair-cutting scissors — Tweezerman makes a solid, affordableversion — cut the hair as close to the jawline as possible. Just try not to cut away too much hair at once. Short and quick, even snips will do the trick.


This is the easiest step. So easy you could probably do it blindfolded. Use your favourite electric shaver to shave down the post-trim stubble and strays. No muss, no fuss.


Kim says to hop into the shower at this point. The hot water and steam will not only open up pores but also soften the skin to prep your face for a super-close shave.

Shave Again

Most of you have your favourite brands when it comes to this step, but Kim recommends the Italian shaving brand Proraso. “It’s not expensive, and it’s a brand I’ve used for a long time,” he says. “The shave cream has a great scent and consistency, and the aftershave has antibacterial agents (especially helpful when there’s a nick or two).”

If you have really sensitive skin, though, Kim recommends swapping out the aftershave for coconut butter. It’s all-natural, affordable, and hey, you can swirl some into your food after slapping it on your face.

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