SHATTERED RECORDS: Five Q2 Private Equity Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s time for private equity firms to collect. The second quarter of 2011 has been a good one for these institutions, with records for exits already falling.

Let’s take a quick look at the hot numbers from this scorching quarter:

1. The big number: there have been 201 private equity-backed exits announced so far this quarter. This amounts to $85 bn in total value. According to alternative investment research firm Preqin, we’re looking at ‘record levels’.

2. Compared to last year’s Q2: Well, there’s no comparison. Year-over-year growth has already passed 50 per cent, and we still have June in front of us.

3. Previous success doesn’t measure up: the last record, set in the fourth quarter of 2010, as $81.3 bn for private equity-backed exits. It isn’t the best quarter any longer. And again, we still have a month to go in this quarter.

4. Europe picks up the pace: North American exits are at $23.7 bn so far this quarter, which is consistent with the two prior quarters. In Europe, however, it’s a much different story. There have been 82 private equity-backed exits announced, totaling $57.9 bn. This is twice the previous record, which was set half a decade ago (Q4 2006). In Asia, $3.4 bn in private equity-backed exits have been announced this quarter.

5. The grand exit: Nordic Capital, DLJ Merchant Banking Partners (Credit Suisse) and Avista were among the investors selling Takeda Pharmaceutical company … for €9.6 bn. This is the largest private equity-backed exit so far this quarter.

Source: Preqin

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