Picking Up The Pieces Of Your Shattered NCAA Bracket

Sad Harvard fans

Photo: Dashiell Bennett/Business Insider

How’s your NCAA pool going?Probably not very well. Most people were out of the running after the first weekend, but after last night’s evening of upsets, brackets all across the country were shredded.

Three of the four games last night were won by the lower-seeded team and a popular championship pick (Duke) got obliterated. (The other loser, BYU, was a popular upset pick.)

According to ESPN.com, out of the 5.9 million brackets that were filed on their site, just 844 correctly picked the winners of all four games last night. More than 1.3 million didn’t get any.

So at this point, we’re only half way to the Elite 8, but two No. 1s, two No. 2s, and three No. 3s are gone. We’ve got a 10, a 12, and two 11s playing tonight.

How’s ours? Pretty pathetic. Our champion (Kansas) is still alive, but that’s about it. Maybe our worst performance ever. A few decent pick artists are still in the running to win our Business Insider pool however.

At least you can take some solace in the tumble taken by Henry Hasselbeck. Thanks to Duke’s loss, the son of Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck fell from 103rd place to all the way to 662 out of ESPN’s 5.9 million. Did we mention he’s five years old and picked his teams based on which mascot he liked better?

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