This 'Sharknado' Headpiece Was The Talk Of Comic-Con

One of the best costumes at Comic-Con was this elaborate “Sharknado” headpiece.

Inspired by the SyFy original movie, a convention-goer wore a larger-than-life hat swathed in grey and white fabric and plastic toy sharks.

sharknado costume

The cosplayer, like Syfy’s movie blew up on Twitter. People were snapping pictures of her like she was a celebrity. 

Her T-shirt, which she appeared to wear all four days of the convention, read “Enough Said!”

sharknado comic con

Over the course of the weekend, she added even more sharks to her outfit.

sharknado hat comic con

Even Syfy network’s senior executive Craig Engler was psyched to spot “‘Sharknado’ costume girl”:

But was she outdone by this guy?

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