21 cool gift ideas from 'Shark Tank' that you can find on Amazon


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One of our favourite shows to spot new products and enjoy some entertaining celebrity judge banter is “Shark Tank,” which is soon returning for its tenth season.

As we’ve seen over the years, some pitches do extremely well, while others aren’t so lucky – but the fact remains that the show brings forward new and innovative ideas most of us have never considered.

That’s why the products from the show tend to make especially good gifts. They’re far from generic and they usually solve a common problem or annoyance. Conveniently, most are also available on Amazon.

If your recipient loves watching “Shark Tank,” they will recognise these 21 awesome gift options.

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A fun outdoor game


Spikeball 3 Ball Kit, $US59.99, available at Amazon

On a beautiful sunny day at any park in the city, you’ll probably see at least one group playing this fun and active game. With rules similar to volleyball, it’s easy to learn – so the whole family can get involved. The company even holds nationwide tournaments if your recipient gets really good at the game.

A balance bike


KaZAM No Pedal Balance Bike, $US64.95, available at Amazon

Featuring a patented footrest design that helps young kids find their center of gravity, this bike builds the confidence needed to transition to riding a proper bike. The ergonomic, adjustable handles and seat will get kids comfortable and ready to ride right away. The bike weighs only eight pounds and the puncture-free tires never need air.

A Wi-Fi-compatible sous vide


Nomiku Wi-Fi 1100 Watt Sous Vide, $US199.99, available at Amazon

Pair the sous vide immersion circulator with a quality piece of steak and your home cook is equipped to make a delicious dinner to remember. The sous vide can be controlled from their phone and produces precise results without fail.

A smart video doorbell


Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell, $US99.99, available at Amazon

Ring may not have secured a deal with the Sharks, but it did strike up a deal with Amazon for over $US1 billion last year, so it’s doing just fine. The smart security system has two-way talk, sends motion-activated alerts, and works with Alexa, giving homeowners the peace of mind that their house will be safe, regardless of whether they’re home.

A quirky holiday sweater

Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves Women’s Santa Unicorn Christmas Sweater, $US49.95, available at Amazon

Founded by a former lawyer and a former dentist, the funny clothing brand Tipsy Elves exploded in popularity after its 2013 “Shark Tank” appearance and has made over $US70 million to date. Its outrageous holiday sweaters, jumpsuits, and ski suits make memorable gifts for the jokesters and party animals in your life (plus they’re really comfortable).

A rapid ramen cooker


Rapid Ramen Cooker, $US6.99, available at Amazon

What seems like a gag gift has actually come in handy for many busy students, parents, and office workers because it takes away the need for a stove and dish-washing session, cooks the noodles more quickly, and requires less water. It’s the perfect size for a block of ramen and a faster, more reliable alternative to stovetop cooking.

A travel accessory that combines a hoodie with a memory foam pillow


HoodiePillow Memory Foam Travel Pillow, $US29.95, available at Amazon

The clever design of this two-in-one hoodie and memory foam pillow, which feels like their favourite fleece sweatshirt, lets them fall asleep comfortably while travelling. The hood helps block out light and noise, while the pillow provides soft neck support.

An all-in-one water sports board


ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board Handle Combo, $US334.95, available at Amazon

This versatile board lets all ages and skill levels enjoy the exhilaration of skimming across the water. It can be used as a knee board, water skis, or a wake board, or ridden lying down. Whichever position they choose, they will feel comfortable and safe during the ride.

An appliance that turns any beer into draft beer


Fizzics White Waytap Beer Dispenser, $US79.95, available at Amazon

Using sound waves, this cool appliance turns any can or bottle of beer into fresh draft beer by turning its natural carbonation into compacted micro bubbles. All they have to do is insert their favourite beer, then pull and push the tap to receive the enhanced version of their IPA, pilsner, or stout.

A baking pan that gives them more edge pieces


Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan, $US35.95, available at Amazon

The days of fighting over the limited number of edge pieces are over. With this unique pan, every piece has two delectable, chewy edges. Other than to make brownies, they can also use it for other desserts, pasta, or any baked good that requires some extra crust.

A beard oil that smells like citrus fruits


Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Beard Oil, $US39.99, available at Amazon

The natural blend of oils, which perfectly balances spicy musk and fresh citrus, conditions and shines their beard without making it greasy. A few drops should last the whole day.

A set of lace face masks


Lace Your Face Compression Facial Mask Total Rejuvenation Kit, $US55, available at Amazon

A few features set this face mask apart from all the others they have tried. The cotton lace mask uses clinical compression to deliver immediate and long-lasting results, like improving skin texture and elasticity, and thanks to the ear loops and chin strap, it actually stays on their face so they can go about their day as usual. The Total Rejuvenation Kit is a treatment that uses different ingredients to improve their skin in just four weeks.

A sturdy, inflatable paddle board


Tower Inflatable 9’10” Stand Up Paddle Board, $US493.91, available at Amazon

Gift an avid outdoor adventurer this premium paddle board and you’ll have a difficult time getting them to return to shore. Its design provides for better balance and stability, while a bottom fin makes it easier to manoeuvre. It inflates and deflates quickly, so it can be brought anywhere – but unlike many other inflatable boards, it’s strong and rigid.

A reusable smart notebook


Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook, Executive Size, $US29.97, available at Amazon

The innovative tech of the Rocketbook lets them put pen to paper and organise and access those thoughts with the same convenience of digital notes. The 36-page notebook is infinitely reusable because the contents get sent to their chosen cloud service before being wiped clean with a damp cloth.

A portable campfire


Radiate Portable Campfire, $US27.99, available at Amazon

Outdoors enthusiasts and s’mores experts love this portable solution, which gets the campfire going without the pain of lugging around wood and other materials. The convenient and compact fire won’t get smokey, and it extinguishes with a quick cover of the lid.

Adorable leather moccasins

Freshly Picked/Instagram

Freshly Picked Kids’ Soft Sole Moccasins (Infant/Toddler), $US49-$US60, available at Amazon

The creator of the cutest little baby shoes you’ve ever seen got her start picking up yard sale leather scraps and selling on Etsy. Today, parents everywhere are obsessed with the unique and comfortable 100% leather designs that infuse style into their baby’s every step.

A temperature-regulating machine that goes under their bed


BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds, $US329, available at Amazon

As an engineer who developed the heating and cooling systems of NASA spacesuits, the creator of BedJet has the perfect background to improve the sleep experience. Since temperature often impedes a good night’s sleep, the BedJet blows hot or cold air onto the bed and over their body and creates “biorhythm sleep sequences” throughout the night.

An organic kombucha brewing kit

The Kombucha Shop/Facebook

The Kombucha Shop Brewing Kit, $US48.95, available at Amazon

If you notice they always have a bottle of kombucha in their hand, they might enjoy learning about the process, making it themselves, and experimenting with different flavours at home. The Kombucha Shop says it provides more educational material than any other kit on the market, and its cultures use only purified water, organic sugar, organic teas and organic kombucha starter.

A better protein mixing bottle


Ice Shaker 26-Ounce Stainless Steel Protein Mixing Cup, $US34.99, available at Amazon

The problem with traditional plastic protein powder shakers is that they tend to absorb odor and won’t keep the contents cold. Former NFL player Chris Gronkowski’s stainless steel water bottle is double-insulated, spill-proof, and odor-free – the upgrade that gym rats deserve.

A drink accessory that keeps their beer cold


BottleKeeper The Standard 2.0, $US39.99, available at Amazon

Is there anything more frustrating to an avid beer drinker than a cold one that’s less than cold in just half an hour? The insulated stainless steel BottleKeeper, complete with bottle opener, keeps their beer colder for a longer period of time. It’s also a smart way to protect against drops and spills.

A funny gift box


Prank Pack Handy Hand Gift Box, $US7.99, available at Amazon

The Prank Pack isn’t the actual gift, but it is a funny way to prank your recipient and trick them into thinking they’re receiving a strange or gimmicky present. The co-founder is a former writer at The Onion, so expect nothing less than hilarious fake products and product descriptions that your recipient will have to pretend to enjoy.

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