Shark Attacks At 5-Year Low


The bad economy means fewer people go to the beach for vacation. And fewer people going to the beach means less human food for sharks to eat, hence:

CBS4 Gainesville: University of Florida shark researcher George Burgess says the number of reported shark attacks worldwide dipped to a five year low last year. In 2008, 59 attacks by sharks were reported compared to 71 a year earlier. But while reported attacks were down, fatalities were up. Four people were killed in shark attacks in 2008 compared to only one person in 2007. Two of the deaths were in Mexico, one was in Australia and one was in the United States.

In compiling his yearly report, Burgess said the sagging economy may have played a role in the numbers.

It is odd that fatalities rose in 2008. Maybe the sharks know that with fewer victims out there, they’ve really got to make the most of each attack. Nothing like a recession in the water to sharpen the senses.

(via Eric Falkenstein)