There has been yet another shark attack in the Whitsundays. This time it was off Hamilton Island.

iStockCatseye Beach, Hamilton Island.

A woman and child were bitten by a shark off Hamilton Island on Thursday morning.

Just before 9.30am, the woman and young girl, who were in shallow waters of Catseye Beach, which is popular with tourists, were bitten on the leg and the foot respectively.

Local media reports the child may be transported to Proserpine Hospital for treatment for significant foot and toe injuries.

Although both her and the woman are believed to be in a stable conditions with non-life threatening injuries.

The woman is receiving treatment on the island.

In a statement provided to the Courier Mail, Hamilton Island operators said: “Hamilton Island can confirm a child and an adult sustained lacerations from a shark less than 1 metre long, during an incident off Catseye Beach this morning.

“Both were treated at the Hamilton Island medical centre and are being medivaced to the mainland for further care.

“Hamilton Island is part of the Whitsundays marine ecology and sharks are known to be present in the waters in the region. The priority at all times for Hamilton Island is the safety of our guests and closure and surveillance of Catseye Beach is ongoing.”

There have been numerous serious shark attacks in the Whitsundays this season, one in which a man died.

Shark culling was carried out in the area in September after two separate attacks. At least four sharks were capture and killed, including a 3.7 metre tiger shark.

Shark control equipment was also temporarily placed in Cid Harbour, approximately 12km from Hamilton Island, but was later removed.

According to local tourism data, each year 3.5 million visitor nights are spent in the Whitsundays, which includes Hamilton Island.

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