SHAREHOLDERS TO BARCLAYS: Think Twice Before Paying Out Big Bonuses


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Barclays’ biggest shareholders have warned of a major backlash if the bank decides to shower its bankers with lavish annual bonuses.An investor spoke to the Financial Times’ Kate Burgess and Megan Murphy:

“If the bank doesn’t exercise real restraint then it faces a shareholder rebellion.”

Another investor said:

“Barclays is the real bellwether in the sector and we have been turning up the heat.”

The warning was reportedly directed toward Barclays’ senior bankers as well as its CEO Bob Diamond.

This comes after RBS CEO Stephen Hester was awarded a £1 million bonus, which triggered outrage from almost everyone in the UK.

Earlier this month, Lloyds Banking Group CEO António Horta-Osório said he would not accept a 2011 bonus.

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