Google Blew It – And This Startup Seized The Opportunity


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Microsoft Exchange, the company’s enterprise email suite, has this feature called Public Folder that enterprise users love that lets them share an inbox.Businesses have been clamoring for that feature in Google Apps, Google’s web-based rival to Microsoft’s enterprise productivity software, for years.

And now French startup RunMyProcess has built it, calling it Shared Inbox.

RunMyProcess says it integrates neatly into Google Apps because it’s on Google Apps marketplace and, at $10/user/year, is cheaper than Microsoft Exchange. RunMyProcess CEO Matthieu Hug tells us that they built the feature, which is massively used in enterprises for things like customer support, because of countless customer requests. He tells us it’s a big reason why companies are afraid of switching from Microsoft Exchange to Google.

This helps Google, but it’s a bit embarrassing that a startup had to build a feature that should be part of the main, standalone product. Some enterprise customers complain that Google doesn’t pay enough attention to their requests, and Google’s cloud-based offering have failed to make a big dent into Microsoft’s huge enterprise software business.

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