Share Your Office Is Like Chatroulette For Office Space

Chatroulette Girl

Photo: Casey Neistat

Actually, more like AirBnB for office space. ShareYourOffice is a cool idea from French innovation consulting firm faberNovel: it allows companies to list empty desks and office space to lease it out to freelancers and other small businesses that need quick, cheap, small office space. (Here’s VentureBeat)FaberNovel is closely linked to La Cantine, the biggest startup co-working space in Paris, so it would make sense that they would have this idea for sharing office space. And it can be a nice business as well.

When we went to the site, it pegged us as being in the Czech Republic (?!) and when we looked for listings in our area in Paris (where, presumably, the French site would have the most) we mostly found listings for several desks at a time on long-term rentals, not really what a freelancer or a young startup would be looking for. But it’s still early days, so hopefully they’ll iron out the kinks and get more targeted listings.

ShareYourOffice is really AirBnB for office space, but we’re comparing it to Chatroulette because we discovered as a freelancer that finding good office space and a desk is a lot like dating. You need to find a “match”, and not just a set of criteria. (Also, we felt like talking about Chatroulette.)

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