Here's How To Split Your Amazon Prime Membership With 4 Other People

Photo: flickr/ykjc9

With Amazon Prime, online shoppers get unlimited two-day shipping for just $79 a year, but what about those of us who don’t want to pay the whole $79?As Life Hacker points out, you can share Amazon Prime shipping benefits with up to four members of your household. 

Prime’s two-day shipping deal is a steal, considering the fact that express shipping can cost about $20 in most cases, which adds up to $240 a year if you do this even once a month, according to Angela Colley at Money Talks News.

By splitting Prime between four people, the savings only become better.

Here’s how: To add others to your prime account, log on and click on the link to manage your prime membership. There, you’ll find the option to add or remove members of your household.

The catch: There are a few caveats here, as pointed out by Cnet’s David Carnoy. Only the prime account holder can access free Instant Video streaming and Kindle’s e-book lending service. You also can’t share memberships for Amazon mum or Amazon Student accounts. The offer doesn’t apply to those receiving a free month of Amazon Prime benefits after buying Kindle Fire either. 

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