This Point From The Maria Sharapova Match Had Some Of The Most Ear-Splitting Shrieks We've Ever Heard

sharapova larcher de brito shrieks

Maria Sharapova is the most high-profile shrieker in women’s tennis.

But Michelle Larcher De Brito — the 131st ranked player in the world who upset Maria today at Wimbledon — is no slouch when it comes to screaming as loud as she possibly can on every single point.

In the deciding game of the match, both players unleashed some ear-splitting shrieks. This one deuce point — two points before Larch De Brito won — was particularly ridiculous.

ESPN commentator Brad Gilbert called them the loudest shrieks he has ever heard on a tennis court.

Whenever someone makes a case to ban shrieking in tennis, this should be Exhibit A:

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